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The Rise of Social Enterprise

As part of The Provident Party’s vision of a big society, the party will be championing social enterprise. A social enterprise is like a normal profit-making business except the profits are invested in charitable causes. The Provident Party is hoping to create the most valuable social enterprise, indeed the most valuable company, in the world. A bank.

Targeting The Global Banking Industry

The global banking industry makes roughly $1.3 trillion in after-tax profits of which The Community Well Bank will be aiming to take about a third. This is about 2 billion mortgages and over $400 billion per year in profits making the bank the most valuable company in the world dwarfing the likes of Google and Apple.

The Largest Crowdfunding Campaign Ever

We are hoping to raise up to £100 billion to fund the bank and this will be achieved by selling 1 billion £100 shares. Your £100 share gets you a £140 per year dividend and £260 per year to a charity of your choice in perpetuity. Your share will end up being worth around £4,000. Sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in buying a share!

A Large Scale Engineering Marvel

To inspire the next generation of STEM subject students the bank’s branches will be a worldwide network of giant supercomputers. A supercomputer is basically lots of tiny computers connected together to make one huge one. Instead of industrial unit type supercomputers, we are instead going to build monumental types shaped as large pyramids. Pyramids are a potent spiritual symbol evoking awe and mystique. Now we are not going to build these supercomputers, we are going to build the robotic systems that are going to build them. Then, we are going to sit back, relax, and marvel at the spectacle of a worldwide network of giant supercomputers building themselves.

Providing Water

When asked what was the best charity the Prophet Mohammed answered ‘Providing water’. There are 785 million people, of which nearly 800,000 die a year of preventable diseases, without clean drinking water. WaterAid estimated it would cost £120 billion to solve the problem meaning a year’s profits could solve the water problem twice over.

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The Community Well Bank

The gift that keeps on giving